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Welcome to my shop


Specialist in Production and sales

of quality bassoon- and contrabassoon reeds

and also Cane in all processing steps



As contrabassoonist of the Munich Philharmonic, over the past twenty-one years of working in an orchestra I have learnt to appreciate the value of a reed case filled with good mouthpieces.

Tradition, extensive experience and the use of modern reed making techniques ensure the production of reliable, top quality bassoon and contrabassoon reeds. To me, it is of utmost importance that every reed is blown in at least several times receiving the finishing touches by hand.

Careful treatment of the reeds and strict cane selection guarantee long-lasting results.

Free Shipping on orders €100+ in Germany.
If you buy ten bassoon reeds
you will get an extra reed of your choice for free.
I would like to point,all bassoonreeds are disinfected !

Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery